Strasser Hoofcare Professional Certification Course – North America

The Course runs approximately from September to June. Actual dates for Practicum I, II, III and IV will be announced for each year.

Year 1: contains all written assignments and all practica. It includes a written mid-term and end-of-year exam.

Year 2: is mainly work in the field with a minimum time spent with another registered SHP and concentrating on further case studies. The course will conclude with a written, practical, and oral exam.

Course instruction (theory & practical) is given via internet correspondence, group phone conferencing, four practica (on-site field work) and a week-long apprenticeship. The course moves between the classroom/clinic environment and in the field. Be prepared: this curricula is comparable to a graduate-level college course in intensity and time requirements.

Practica during the first year generally take place during October (Practicum 1), February (Practicum 2) and June (Practicum 3) with a Certification Practicum (Practicum 4) in October of the second year. The practica contain theory review and application, trimming instruction, hoof anatomy and dissections, hoof model construction, horse handling and psychology, equine nutrition, various specialty classes such as introduction to homeopathy and acupuncture massage, as well as exams.

A weeklong apprenticeship in a Hoof Clinic will also be scheduled individually for students during the first year. In addition, they will accompany a certified SHP at work.

After the third practicum, the students who have demonstrated acceptable proficiency will be expected to practice a full year of trimming. They will schedule work times with Mentor SHPs to gain confidence and practical ability.

Following the Mentorship Program, one year after Practicum 3, the practical and written certification exams are held. Providing that all tests are passed, successful students will be granted the title: Strasser Hoofcare Professional (SHP).

During the Course years and for one year after graduating, a student/SHP has complimentary attendance at Basic and Advanced Hoof Seminars.

An SHP is expected to attend annual Continuing Education seminars to maintain their certification by ensuring a high level of skill and to keep up to date with new findings in the field.