The Centaur Reborn

the-centaur-rebornby Peter Speckmaier and Sabine Kells
The Centaur Reborn gives insight into how to establish optimal horse health, horsemanship, and top equine performance. In addition to a brief review on correct lifestyle and hoof care, it covers areas such as tack fit and horse nutrition, psychology, anatomy and physiology, especially as these relate to training, riding, and rehabilitation. Peter Speckmaier, one of the authors and the world’s first Certified Strasser Hoofcare Specialist, is also a Chiron Jumping instructor; in this book he showns how basic Chiron jumping training can establish a horse’s willing cooperation without force. Chiron-trained horses are often jumped without reins or headstalls, over obstacles such as ropes or streams of water shooting out of a garden hose. This book concludes with a brief history of Caprilli, the man who revolutionized jumping in the late 1800s.

“This book was written for everyone who has ever watched an equine performance and stood in awe, wondering how to even begin to achieve such harmony. It is for those who wish to give to their old familiar mounts whose health may be failing a new lease on life and vitality. It is for those who are frustrated by apparently inexplicable problems in their horses, from back pain to head tossing to vices that just won’t go away. It is for those who want to achieve optimal performance in their chosen discipline, or who just want as healthy and willing and ‘rideable’ a horse as they can have.”

(Spiral-bound) 172 page, soft cover book, black and white photos and illustrations.

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